Seed To Tree

Date Artist Venue City Country Ticket
22/03/19 Seed To Tree Rockhal Luxembourg LU Buy Tickets
15/04/19 Seed To Tree Schick & Schön Mainz DE
16/04/19 Seed To Tree FZW Dortmund DE Buy Tickets
17/04/19 Seed To Tree Stereo Wonderland Köln DE Buy Tickets
18/04/19 Seed To Tree Monarch Berlin DE Buy Tickets
19/04/19 Seed To Tree Café Q Marburg DE
20/04/19 Seed To Tree Holla die Waldfee Friesoythe DE Buy Tickets
21/04/19 Seed To Tree Fahrradkino Kombinat Kiel DE
22/04/19 Seed To Tree Astra Stube Hamburg DE Buy Tickets
23/04/19 Seed To Tree UmBAUbar Oldenburg DE Buy Tickets
03/08/19 Seed To Tree Skandaloes Festival Hamburg DE

Friede Merz

Date Artist Venue City Country Ticket
04/04/19 Friede Merz Probierbar Hannover DE
08/04/19 Friede Merz Zum Scheuen Rhe Köln DE
09/04/19 Friede Merz UmBAUbar Oldenburg DE
10/04/19 Friede Merz Tonfink Lübeck DE
11/04/19 Friede Merz Donau 115 Berlin DE
13/04/19 Friede Merz Norder 147 Flensburg DE
25/04/19 Friede Merz Kukuun Hamburg DE Buy Tickets